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Does Your VA Disability Benefits Match Your Actually Conditions?

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A Team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that veterans get attention to detail Medical evaluations and a care that they deserve! 


Our Promise Of Excellent for Veteran Medical Benefits
Our mission is to assemble the best team of professionals and partners that understand service members issues and are trained, experienced and competent in dealing with all aspects of VA disability ratings and benefits in a responsible and ethical manner.  While due to professional standards we cannot have medical or legal professionals on the team we have partnered with several that can assist veterans as you proceed through the complicated VA system of services.  We believe we should be a one-stop for veterans to get professional assistance with understanding their benefits and medical ratings . 

At Veterans Medical Assistance Group (VMAG), we care deeply for our veterans and their well being. We promise to do everything we can to help you understand your current Veterans Affairs (VA) disability ratings and benefits, current medical situation that impacts both in-service connected disabilities and connected conditions that were aggravated by existing service related disability at an affordable price flat rate. Please call us if you ever have any questions.

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Wide Range of Services

We can help you get the appropriate service to properly document your claim through our service advisors and partner team members.

Review Your Medical Records

Our specialty is reviewing your packet of VA Disabilities and Medical records for congruency.

Caring, Dedicated Staff

Our service analysts and partner team members of doctors and attorneys are caring members genuinely concerned about your health and quality of life!


Learn more about the specialized VA Benefits and services we offer for
all of our Veteran patients.

Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)

We ensure that they are filled out properly and address your specific related condition that translate to a VA disability rating

Working For You

Let us fight with you to help you get you the benefits you are Ethically entitled

NEXUS connection of condition to service related incident

We know how to review your medical records and VA disability rating and advise you on what could be a condition related to your service

Frustrated with the System

We care and have tremendous experience working with VA Disability Ratings, Medical Review Boards and Medical Opinions.  Let us help you work through the system

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Initial Consultation is Free

We chat with you about your current condition and how it impacts your daily lifestyle.  Once we have a better understanding then we can advise you on best course of action.


Client Testimonials

See why we’re the highly rated VA Benefit Consultations in San Antonio...

Jeff Y.

I spent years trying to figure out the VA disability rating system and how to get what I believed was initially low ratings increased.  VMAG specialists were able to quickly determine what was missing and areas I didn't know could be addressed.  If your a veteran you need to talk to them now!

Dustin Y.

I was amazed at how easy it was to claim my VA disability rating after hearing so many horror stories from my military buddies who have gone through the system.  They were knowledgeable and were able to explain what I needed to do in order to bet my claim completed as soon as possible. I didn't even know that I could collect money from the VA and still do my monthly guard drills as traditional guardsman.  I would highly suggest talking to them about your situation and seeing how they can improve your situation with some VA expertise that I have not seen anywhere else.

Daniel L.

I've been fighting with the VA system for almost 20 years.  Going to different veteran service organizations, attorneys and other so called experts only to be disappointed with the lack of any positive outcome, even through I have multiple personal and VA doctors state I have multiple disabilities creating a 100% disability for me.  VMAG not only was able to see why I was going in circles within VA system but VMAG had legal partners that were able to handle my appeal process.  Trust VMAG they will get you through the system.

You Will Know Difference When Working With VMAG

Listed by Disability Benefits Questionnaire's (DBQ) Form Names.  DBQ's are medical examantion forms used to capture essential information for evaluating disability compensation and/or pension claims.  We have massive experience reviewing and filling out DBQs and what Veterans Administration is generally looking for to properly document a ratable condition

Our physicians partner teammates gladly take the time to learn about your specific problems & properly document them.

Veteran Trust

A Second Opinion You Can Trust

Most of us get second opinions on complex or easily misunderstand areas of our lives daily.  Why not get a second opinion of your VA disability rating and your current medical conditions that are affected by you service.

Every case is unique and starts with a full consultation; call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Ratings- Migraines & Back Ailments

Did you know that most migraines are a ratable VA disability condition? While not always identified during service many medical conditions are a Nexus to migraines ratings. Let's chat about your condition.  Do you have Back pains, spasms or other lower, middle or upper back issues?  Did you know there are over 50 ratable VA disability conditions within the back skelton and nervous system?

Chronic Pain Could Be A Ratable VA Disability

You served your country and our country has provided for our service related and nexus lead conditions to be rated and allowed for VA treatment and compensation.  Don't wait any longer to access  care from within the system. Let us help you regain your best life!

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Who We Are

We are an evidence-based medical company with service analyst, partner Medical and Legal professionals  helping Veterans get attention to detail Medical evaluations and the care they deserve located in San Antonio


At Veterans Medical Assistance Group (VMAG), our only goal is to help you through the complex Veterans Administration disability rating and compensation system.  We will also educate you on many of the state benefits that veterans can avail themselves.  Every aspect of our facility is designed to guide you to a quick consultation and process at a price that you can afford. Our team truly cares about your well being. .

Call us today at (210) 405-6252 to learn more about how we can help.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation (210) 405-6252

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

Once the veteran makes contact with VMAG we setup an initial consultation to get a better understanding of the veterans conditions and concerns.  From that consultation we will provide a plan of action for the veteran to consider

Are you affiliated with Veterans Administration?

No!  VMAG is a private organization that assists veterans understand their current medical condition, how it applies to their military service, possible benefits and compensation they are eligible to receive, while having a team of professionals and partners to help along the way.

How will I document my medical condition to the VA?

There are many ways that can be used for this documentation.  The most common is from your military service medical records, VA compensation and rating letters and current medical records. Call us to learn more!


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